1965 – I.T.U. Plenipotentiary Conference

I.T.U. Plenipotentiary Conference

14 September – 12 November 1965

The 1965 Plenipotentiary Conference was held in Montreux, Switzerland and marked the Centenary of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The Conference introduced several changes in the structure of the Union: the Administrative Council was enlarged from 25 to 29 members, and the membership of the IFRB was reduced to 5 instead of 11.

The development of satellite communications as well as the creation of regional telecommunication unions to solve problems of a regional nature obliged the ITU to reorganise its Administrative Conferences so as to be able to deal separately with international and regional questions.

The Conference decided to define 2 types of Administrative Conferences:

  • World Administrative Conferences to deal with telecommunication questions of a worldwide character concerning all types of telecommunication services (telegraphy, telephony, radiocommunications, broadcasting, space communications, maritime and aeronautical services, etc.)
  • Regional Administrative Conferences to deal with problems of a regional nature; the subject may concern either a given geographical region or a specific telecommunication service of a regional nature. The decisions of these Conferences should be in conformity with the Regulations of the World Administrative Conferences and not conflict with the interests of other regions

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