1959 – Central African Jamboree

Central African Jamboree

4th – 11th May, 1959

The 1959 Central Africa Jamboree was held at Ruwa Park, Southern Rhodesia. Ruwa Park was the camping and training headquarters of the Mashonaland Province of Southern Rhodesia. The camp was divided into four sub-camps; Victoria Falls, Matopos, Zimbabwe and Kariba. The headquarters camp was named Birney after the first Scout Commissioner in the colony.

The main idea of the Central African Jamboree was for Scouts from various territories to get together, and to know one another. Particularly for those who did not come from the Salisbury area, the Jamboree provided a wonderful opportunity of seeing something of the Federal capital and its surroundings. For this reason, a number of organised tours had been laid on, and each participant would be able to go on at least two of these.

The cost of these tours was be covered by their camp fee, and there was nothing extra to pay. The tours took place during the mornings, when there were no important events taking place in camp, and Senior Scouts from the Salisbury area were their guides. Most of the seven tours were undertaken by bus and included places like, Salisbury’s biggest buildings, a modern bakery, a tobacco manufacturing company, Lake Mcllwaine, or Salisbury Kopje.


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