1953 – Central African Rhodes Centenary Exhibition

Central African Rhodes Centenary Exhibition

30 May – 29 August 1953

The Central African Rhodes Centenary Exhibition was held at Bulawayo Park and was opened during the 1953 Royal Tour by Her Majesty by the Queen Mother. The exhibition was held to celebrate the birth Cecil J Rhodes.

The exhibition was a vast panorama of the peoples and culture of the African continent. There were a number of national pavilions of the countries which had an interest in Africa and of the many British, French, Belgian and Portuguese territories. In the pavilions were exhibits of primary industries and the exporting of raw materials including gold, iron, coal, diamonds, copper.

The B.S.A.C. displayed its vast holdings in industry and agriculture; transport was represented by various national railways and airlines and a reconstructed African village pictured the dwellings, music and dance, the arts and crafts of the indigenous peoples.



Commemorative Covers


Stamp Issues

The stamps issued below were available at each of the country’s pavilions. The stamps were only valid in their respective country except for mail posted at the Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland pavilions.


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  • Terrence Devine