1935 – Fifth Imperial Press Conference

Fifth Imperial Press Conference

5th-10th February, 1935

The Fifth Imperial Press Conference was opened in Cape Town in 1935. As part of the conference, the Imperial Press Union toured attractions within southern Africa. Delegates from Britain and Canada arrived via the Warick Castle. All delegates were accommodated at the University of Cape Town.

The Conference was opened by the Governor-General, Lord Clarendon. Some of the main topics discussed at the conference wer the reduction of charges for cable and wireless charges, Press censorship and libel laws, Empire news services, radio broadcasting, and subsidised competition.

The South African Railways had arranged for two luxurious trains, each with an observation car, a dining car and an office car in which contained a travelling post office.

Post Office & Postmarks


  • 1935.02.13 – Bulawayo
  • 1935.02.14 – Bulawayo
  • 1935.02.15 – Victoria Falls
  • 1935.02.16 – Victoria Falls
  • 1935.02.17 – Salisbury
  • 1935.02.20 – Fort Victoria