1933 – Nyasaland Air Week

Nyasaland Air Week

30th May – 10th June, 1933

In 1933, to celebrate the first visit of the Royal Air Force to Nyasaland, an Air Rally was organised to which the South Africa Air Force and various aero clubs in Africa were invited. The event was an opportunity for the the Governor of Nyasaland to promote air communications.

The Royal Air Force provided flights of five bomber planes under group Captain C. W. H. Pulford and the South Africa Air Force sent a flight of four bomber planes and some twelve private aircraft (mostly from the Johannesburg Aero Club).

Combined operations were carried out with the King’s African Rifles and Nyasaland Police at Blantyre, Zomba and Lilongwe with many trial flights provided to the European residents.

The event also provided an opportunity to promote the 1st domestic and international mail services for the Communications Advisory Board who were considering the possibility of an inter-territorial connecting service to the Imperial Airways London to Cape Town mail service at Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.