1924 Empire Exhibition

1924 Empire Exhibition

Wembley, London

The British Empire Exhibition was opened on St George’s Day, 23 April 1924, by King Edward V and Queen Mary at the Empire Stadium.The organisers pursued four main objectives with the exhibition. They wanted to:

  • Alert the public to the fact that in the exploitation of raw materials of the Empire, new sources of wealth could be produced
  • Foster inter-imperial trade.
  • Open new world markets for Dominion and British products.
  • Foster interaction between the different cultures and people of the Empire by juxtaposing Britain’s industrial prowess with the diverse products of the Dominions and colonies.

The location for the exhibition was Wembley Park as it was regarded as one of the most easily accessible areas of London, both from the suburbs and from the rest of the country, with two mainline stations and a new station inside the exhibition grounds. A vast infrastructure project was also proposed, leading to the widening of approach roads from central London to the exhibition. The exhibition covered an area of more than 216 acres and in the two years it was open attracted over twenty million visitors.

The exhibition was open for six months in 1924 and reopened in 1925, showcasing produce and manufactured goods, arts and crafts as well as historical artefacts. The exhibition was also accompanied by a cultural programme and a series of conferences. 

When the exhibition closed in October 1925, it had made a loss of £ 1.5 Million.