1911 Labour Tax Ordinance

1911 Labour Tax Ordinance


The Labour Fees Ordinance, 1906 and the Labour Fees Amendment Ordinance, 1909 was originally imposed to collect a fee of 1/- per head on all native African workers in mines employing 25 or more native African workers. In addition to this, the Native Registration Ordinance, 1901 required all native African workers working in an urban area to register for a monthly pass with a 1/- stamp attached.

In 1911, the first draft of the Labour Tax Ordinance was drafted to repeal the 1906 and 1909 Ordinances. Its purpose was to collect a levy on all native African workers and to pass all the proceedings onto the Rhodesian Native Labour Bureau. The fee was 1/- per month per head.

The Labour Tax Ordinance was passed in December, 1911 and was due to be enacted on 1st January, 1912 but was delayed.

By 1914, after much resistance and refusal by hundreds of farmers to pay the levy, the Ordinance was repealed.