15th International Geological Congress

15th International Geological Congress


The 15th International Geological Congress took place in Pretoria, South Africa between 29th July to 7th August, 1929. Over fifty-five international delegations which resulted in nearly 296 businesses and associations attending.

The congress covered many interesting topics due to the development of geophysical techniques, ideas about magnetic differentiation, and the origin of the Karroo System. One of the important aspects of the congress in the history of geology was that an inflection point occurred in regards to the continental drift theory proposed by Wegener a few years earlier. The contributions by Du Toit allowed a deepening in the theoretical basis of this scientific hypothesis.

As part of the Congress, there was a number of diverse receptions, cultural activities and field trips, including a field trip to Northern Rhodesia. The Northern Rhodesian excursion focused on the economic geology of major mines including Bwana M’Kubwa, Roan Antelope and N’Kana Mines.


  • James Gavin