Established in 1948, the Rhodesian Study Circle brings together nearly 400 philatelists from around the world interested in the areas of Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, British Central Africa and Nyasaland, and the present day Republics of Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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Events in 2022

STANLEY GIBBONS: Admirals: The David Spivack Collection – July, 2022

SPINK: The Philatelic Collectors Series e-Auction which contains many of Gunnar Strehmel’s extensive Fiscal Double Head Collection plus other Rhodesia and Nyasaland material. It ends on 19 July.

The Index for the RSC Journal

  • The Index for the Journal (Topic or Authors) – from 1948 to 2022 (Vols. 1-289) is now available on this website. (Updated January, 2022). This is an amazing resource for research! Our thanks to Geoff Brakspear. 

Popular, Interesting, New and Updates

  • We are redeveloping the pages on this website concerned with the iconic Double Head Issue and have added sections on:
  1. The 1d Rhodesia Double Head 
  2. The Plating and Positioning of the 1d Double Head
  3. Double Heads: The Bi-coloured Values by Stephen Reah-Johnson & Simon Hensman
  4. Rhodesia: The Bi-Coloured Double Heads, Edition XI: (Revised 10 November, 2021) by Major David C. Underwood and Stephen Reah-Johnson, Edited by Alan Hanks & Simon Hensman
  5. The 1924 Double Head ‘Remainders’ (CTO’s)
  1. The British South Africa Company: The King George V Admiral Stamps 1913-1924 by David Spivack and Stephen Reah-Johnson has now been published by the RPSL. This publication is available to RSC members at a subsidised rate plus postage and packaging. Contact Colin Hoffman for details. A limited number of copies have already been shipped to Patrick Flanagan (South Africa), David Spivack (North America) and Sean Burke (Australia). Contact them should you wish to avail yourself of this opportunity.
  2. Memoir 30: The Postal History of the Paris Missionary Society in Barotseland 1884-1924 is now available.
  3. Around 20 extra copies of Rhodesian Philately to 1924 – The BSA Co Period, have come to hand. This is a RPSL publication and can be ordered at a special rate for RSC members.
  1. A new section has been created for Postmarks
  2. Updated by Mike Hughes in November, 2021: MACHINE-CANCELLATIONS-OF-RHODESIA
  3. A new section has been created on Postal Routes
  4. Non philatelic items that may be of interest to the RSC membership and concern our areas of study. Rob Burrett in Bulawayo has very kindly sent us a copies of the Jesuit Zambezi Mission Records from 1898. 
  5. The 2020, 2021 and 2022 Livermore, Postcard and Single Sheet Virtual Competition entries and results may be viewed on the website.
  6. We have obtained copies (1898-1918) of the first 60 publications of News from Barotsi-land, a publication by the UK based support group of the Paris Missionary Society in Barotseland. All are now available on the website.  They are extremely rare and brittle and have been carefully copied for us.
  7. Please note: The RSC Library: Due to the retirement of the current RSC Librarian and the complications encountered with the pandemic, it is not possible at the moment to gain access to the books in the library.


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